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Darts have always provided immense entertainment and many rainy days have been whiled away playing the game. Today, electronic dartboards are more popular than the soft wood or cork ones. An electronic dartboard requires soft-tipped darts rather than steel ones.

These soft darts are actually plastic-tipped and they fix on to the dartboard by inserting themselves between the tightly-packed pins of the board without puncturing the board. Since the dart tips are non-metal, they make for safer playing for all ages.

An electronic dartboard also offers many other games making it a more versatile buy than the normal dartboard. Stories of how pubs have always been the gathering place for a bit of pint and a throw at the dartboards have always made good reading and traditional pubs would not be pubs without their much-pricked dartboards. electronic shops hsr layout

The association is still there; the only thing that has changed is the old bristle dartboard which has been replaced by the dartboard which gives automatic scoring, has sound effects and can play a host of other games as well. If you want to indulge in a bout of nostalgia, head to your nearest pub and have a go at the dartboard. Darts have been played since a very long time and though the technique still remains the same, the dartboard itself has undergone a change.

The traditional bristle dartboard has given way to the dartboard which utilizes the latest technology to be able to do automatic scoring, show score displays for multiple players and even have sound effects, the most popular being the ‘heckling’ one. The ‘heckling’ sound effect is actually great fun as it throws brickbats on players playing poorly while showering praises on the players hitting the mark. The electronic dartboard has made darts more entertaining than ever before.

With plastic tips, the electronic dartboards are becoming popular as a safer option to play darts. You need not worry about injuring someone with a bad throw or making a hole in the wall in case you miss the board.



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